Fall Wardrobe '09–Part 1

Many of you have visited my new blog,,What to Wear Over 40.One of the reasons Istarted composing outfits for over 40s is because I searched the web for wardrobe ideas for myself and all I found was a lot of outdated advice on how to dress after 40.I wanted some ideas!Some fodder for my 必威app手机下载版sewing inspiration.So,I decided I just better do it myself.Most retailers cater to younger women (HELLO merchants…who has the income for this expensive clothing?),finding contemporary clothes when you're older is a matter of weeding out what's inappropriate (or just plain ugly).(more…)

Suiting Picks for Fall '09

At this time of the year number one on my fall wardrobe list is a great suit;it becomes the backbone of my wardrobe.Luckily,nice looking suits can be had at any price point,but this is where it pays to be able to 必威app手机下载版sew it yourself and have the out of reach designer looks and beautiful fabrics.

Here are my fall 2009 suiting picks:

Akris at NM#1  The Splurge–if money were no object,I'd go for this suit by Akris.It's structured without being boring,the red and burgundy combo has a creative flair and nothing is more flattering than a fitted jacket with a belt–instant hourglass figure!If you've ever purchased Akris,you know that their fabrics are sumptuous (this jacket is cashmere/silk) and their tailoring is soft,but finely executed.(more…)

Project Runway Episode 1

Fug Girls: Minor Changes,But It's the Same Old Runway to Us

I'd love to share my thoughts on the first episode of the new Project Runway season,but I fell asleep within the first half hour.That may be because it was  a bit of a yawn because it was just like previous seasons,except that it took place in LA instead of New York.Or,more probably it was because I was working out of town and had a long,hard day and then collapsed in my hotel room.

I'll watch a rebroadcast and review it from a 必威app手机下载版sewer's point of view.In the meantime,here is an entertaining review from one of theGo Fug Yourselfbloggers,posted on the New York Magazine/Fashion site:

Fug Girls: Minor Changes,But It's the Same OldRunwayto Us