What to Wear Over 40–North woods Summer Vacation

JCRYW4The scene:  A mountain or north woods vacation where it's warm during the day and cool at night

The outfit:完美合身的直腿卡其裤(Banana Republic.com) and a钱布雷衬衫(j.crew.com)用粗犷的Cole Haan toteandRalph Lauren belt(both at Nordstrom.com),,Minnetonka moccasins(Nordstrom.com) and a漂亮的绿松石袖口(Novica.com)香蕉共和国明尼苏达州Ralph Lauren at Nordstrom 2Cole Haan at Nordstrom 2Novica 6


Myway项目26This orange dress was made with some of the salwar kameez fabric I brought back from India…we'll have to plan another trip,I'm using my Indian fabric up fast!I used Style 1012 which,显然,is discontinued.In case any of you have this pattern in your stash,它很合身,很容易做。

I made the trim for the neckline with the border of the fabric.我只是把它拉长,然后用熨斗把它压模,让它紧贴曲线。I lined this dress with the piece of fabric that comes with a kameez bundle that is meant for the pants (I think).我因为没有给自己的橙色亚麻布衣服做衬里而自责。It's so simple to do and really makes a dress hang better and you don't have to worry 必威官网betwayabout show through.

If it ever gets warm in Chicago (it's 64 degrees here now) this will make a great sundress for a barbeque or casual dinner out.


What to Wear Over 40–Casual Work Wear Summer '09

DKNYThe event:  Causal Friday or causal office appropriate clothes

The outfit:  A comfortable pull-on skirt (DKNY.com) with a fitted T in an"urban color"给它一些权力(Banana Republic.com),一双休闲高跟凉鞋(出生在zappos.com)和一些乐趣,naturalist jewelryBanana Republic2(Novica.com出生在ZAPPOS诺维卡5诺维卡7

Project MyWay #25–Orange Linen Dress

Project MyWay 25 Orange Linen DressI'm in a crazy orange phase…it started last summer–I covered my patio furniture in an orange print,然后我买了一套橙色的泳衣,然后我做了Myway项目。一位黛安·冯·弗斯滕贝格用橘色印刷品把上衣脱掉。(more…)

In Praise of White Pants

Armani at Neiman MarcusIf I were challenged to wear white pants every day of the summer I could definitely do it!White pants can fit almost any occasion…here is my ultimate white pant collection:

White silk trousers–these are perfect for any time you want to get dressed up a little or a lot and they're great for early in the summer when you're not ready to bare your legs.(more…)


安·德米列斯特The event:  Saturday night at a jazz club in the city
The outfit:  A classy,sexy wrap top ( Ann Demeulemeest at Far Fetch.com,comes in peach too),紧身黑裤子( Alice & Olivia at Norstrom.com),杀手凉鞋( Piperlime.com上的Tahari) and some exotic jewelry ( Novica.com
Alice & Olivia at Nordstrom Tahari at Piperlime Novica 3 诺维卡2Hint:  This wrap top is great if you want to hide a tummy,but please wear sleeveless only if your arms look good!!

What to Wear Over 40–Shopping and Lunch



服装:易于穿脱的服装……简单的变换(黛安·冯·弗森伯格在dvf.com上出售),舒适的步行鞋(Celine在Bloomingdales.com,搭配银首饰(银质维梧耳环,拉尔夫·劳伦的手镯Bloomindales.com) and a roomy bag (Bloomindales.com

Celine at Bloomingdales

Argento Vivo at Bloomindgdales


Bigio at Neiman MarcusThe event:  A summer day at the office and you want to look pulled together

The outfit:  A simple,优雅的夏装(on sale at Neiman Marcus.com),a sweater (Ann Taylor.com)  to throw over your shoulders when indoors,一些严重的泵(Ferragamo at Nordstrom.com) and chunky jewelry (Nordstrom.com) to add a little edge.

Ann Taylor 2Ferragamo at NordstromChunky silve bracelet at NordstromChunky silver earrings at Nordstrom

What to Wear Over 40–Farmer's Market and Errands

Ann TaylorThe scene:  A busy summer Saturday afternoon–could be errands,跳蚤市场或农贸市场

The outfit: Just an easy pair of shorts and t-shirt (Ann Taylor.com),但由于中性的托盘和漂亮的配件,看起来很漂亮(布鲁明代尔的拉尔夫·劳伦凉鞋,,Nordstrom.com的拉尔夫-劳伦带,,hobo bag Michael Kors at Bloomindales.com,,Juicy Couture earrings at Nordstrom.com

Michael Kors at BloomindalesJuicy Couture at Nordstrom诺德斯特罗姆的拉尔夫·劳伦

Ralph Lauren at BloomindalesHint:  These short are for those with good legs;短裤或卡其色裙子越长越好。Make sure the fit of this outfit is generous,it's an easy look–no tight clothing.



海伦·米伦低调地完成了这个任务,figure flattering clothes,a great hair cut and a twinkle in her eye.A role model we After 40's can look up to.