Bagdley Mischka

Spring Wardrobe '09–Part 3

burberry-at-nmCoats,sweaters,tops and pants–that's what you need for springtime in Chicago.Here it is,almost Easter and the temperatures are hovering around the freezing point.And we have 6 weeks more to go of this lovely spring weather,until 必威官网betwayabout June 1stwhen summer usually arrives,hot and sticky.

I love this trench coat from Burberry,but this fabric could never be found in Chicago,so it'll go on my wish list and maybe I'll find it marked down 90% at the end of the season!!


Spring Wardrobe '09–Part 1

Couture-Couture '08

So,I'm doing my fashion magazine thing…going through last year's issues with spring and summer fashions.I'm always amazed at what looks good to me the year after it is introduced,I think it takes my eye some time to adjust to new styles.(more…)